Jan Wade's faires

Australian seashore


Some authors like Pamela Allen, Bob Graham and Anthony Browne are also talented artists so they illustrate their own picture books BUT sadly I am not one of these. Nobody would buy my books if I illustrated them because all I can draw is stick figures!

Jan Wade

I work with some wonderful illustrators who draw the pictures for my books. I have written 26 books with illustrator Jan Wade. Jan has illustrated hundreds of books including mine. Her most famous is Australian Flower Fairies (one of her fairies is pictured on the right - isn’t it gorgeous?)

Jan and I are very good friends. She has a horse farm and sometimes we are lucky enough to visit and stay in the country with her and her poodle, Billy. I have also worked with other illustrators and photographers who have helped to brighten up my books.

Neil Vincent

The new edition of my Australian Seashore book has amazing photographs by talented underwater photographer Neil Vincent.

Because I mostly write non-fiction books I also use National Library of Australia historic pictures, photographs and paintings which we have to pay for the right to reproduce.